Winslow Homer Seascape Art Project


The boys and I are reading from the book What Your First Grader Needs to Know.  In this book they have an art section and one of the artists that they talk about is Winslow Homer.  I decided that it would be fun to do a Winslow Homer art project to go along with learning about him.  We looked at his painting Snap the Whip, which was in the book and then talked about it.  I checked out the kids’ book Winslow Homer  by Mike Venezia from the library to read to the boys.  In this book they discuss more of his seascapes, which he was famous for.

The art project that we had planned was doing a seascape inspired mixed media painting.  I got the idea from ARTipelago.  The site that I got this project from did this with her fifth graders, but my Kindergartner and 2nd Grader were easily able to do this project.


  • Art paper (we used drawing paper, but I think anything will work.  We used 9×12) 2 pieces/kid.
  • Paints–blue, black, and white (tempura or BioColor)
  • Origami paper or colored paper
  • Scissors (if not doing origami)
  • Glue
  • Watercolors
  • Paintbrushes

On day one we painted a 9×12 piece of art paper with light blue, blue, black, and white BioColor Paints (these paints are pretty awesome).  We painted the page to look like the ocean.  My oldest and I made a design in the paint by using the end of the paint brush.  We then let the paint dry overnight.




Day two we cut out the shapes of sailboats.  I had looked into doing origami boats, but it looked too complicated for my boys. The origami paper that I have is the same color on both sides and it would have been nice to have different colored sides so that the sails and the boat looked different.  I freehanded both the boat and the sails and traced them onto colored paper that the boys picked out themselves.  The boys then cut out their pieces.  My kindergartner needed help with this part.

Day three we took the ocean paper and started to tear it into long horizontal strips.  When you tear the strips the top edge usually has some white of the paper where it ripped that looks like surf from the ocean.  Tearing the paper also gives the water some movement like waves.  We glued down the strips of paper onto another 9×12 piece of art paper.  We layered the paper a little bit to give it more dimension and a 3D look to it.  We glued the ocean part about 2/3rds of the way up the paper.  Next, we took some blue watercolor paints and painted the sky.  Once that was done we took our cut out boat parts and glued them to the water.  Then we let the masterpieces dry until they were ready!



This was a fun project and I’m really happy with how the results turned out!


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Weekly Menu


Another week has quickly gone by!  It seems like I am planning more often than once a week :).

Sunday:  BLTs (well, I guess that I should actually call them BLATs since they will have avocado)

Monday:  Roasted Chicken.  I know that I posted last week that we only do this one every other week, but we decided to do it again this week so that we could make more of the tasty chicken broth!

Tuesday:  Ramen (Courtesy of Damn Delicious) of This recipe is very easy and has become a favorite of ours and a staple.  It is so delicious and so much better than Top Ramen!

Wednesday:  Burrito Bowls.  These will be vegvegetarian/vegan burrito bowls with black beans, rice, tomatoes, cheese, lettuce, and salad dressing.

Thursday:  Chicken Satay (Damn Delicious) and Spring Veggie Rolls.   We’ve had two sets of friends that recently made us the Spring Veggie Rolls and they were delicious and we hope that ours turn out well too!

Friday:  Enchilada Bake (Damn Delicious).  This is one of our favorite meals, but we don’t have it as often because it uses a whole can of buttermilk biscuit dough and is not the healthiest, but oh so delicious!

Saturday:  Chicken Sweet Potato Bowls (Inspiralized).

Happy eating!