Thrift Store Score Before and After


I’ve been on the hunt for a globe to use for homeschooling because I have found that it would be so easy to refer to places that we are talking about if I had one (prior to moving to our new home we got rid of ours because it took up space and we weren’t sure if we would use it, ha!).  Brand new ones are a little on the expensive side and I was shocked by this.  That meant that Craigslist and thrift stores were my best bet.  I was surprised to find that the ones on Craigslist were still a little expensive for used globes (the cheapest I found was for $15).  I had found many at the thrift stores that were reasonably priced, but the globes were out of date or broken and wouldn’t turn.  I found this beautiful huge globe on this really nice wooden stand, but alas the globe was out of date and we don’t want to refer to a globe that isn’t correct geographically!  Then one day I happened to be in our local thrift store looking for something else and I saw this globe on a cart waiting to be shelved.  I asked the worker if I could take this.  She said yes.  I looked at it and it looked like all of the countries were listed correctly and it worked!  It was just a bit dusty.  I got it for the low price of $5!


I got home and cleaned all of the dust off.  I really wasn’t a fan of the blue plastic globe holder and I thought that I would use some of the rubbed bronze spray paint that we had for another project that I am slowly working on.  I checked to make sure that it was good for plastic and it was!


I took the ball out of the base and then sprayed the base with this spray paint (my oldest helped too).  I did about a couple of coats and let it dry, which happened fast.  It was super easy to do.  Once it was dry I put the ball back in and ta-da!  We have a new globe that looks much fancier than what we purchased.


Here’s a close-up of how the numbers look after being spray painted.


I’m really happy with how our globe looks and very happy that I waited patiently and only paid $5 for it!

Happy thrift store hunting!

Pi Day!

Pi Pie

I figured that we should make a pie for Pi day!  It was yummy, even though I burnt the outside of the crust a little bit.

A fun art project that we did earlier this year (not on actual Pi Day) was the Pi art skyline.  The boys were amazed that the numbers kept going and going and never stopped.

Hopefully, you got to enjoy some pie yesterday!