What We’ll be Using for the 2016-2017 Year.

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At the end of last year I decided that it was time that we part ways with the Waldorf curriculum.  I did love the curriculum that we were using, but unfortunately it stops at second grade and Nathan is going into third.  My boys (& myself) were also veering away from the Waldorf way of teaching and I found that for us having an assortment of curriculum would work best for us.

This year I also decided to go with a homeschool charter program.  I have friends that were doing these and they raved about them.  I figured we would give it a shot and see if it worked out.  If it wasn’t working we could always stop going and continue on our own.  With the homeschool charter program they give us a stipend per kid for curriculum and any extra school supplies, which was a nice thing to have this year.

Here is what we will be doing.

All About Reading

I had heard from a couple of people that this was a great Language Arts curriculum, especially for those learning to read.  We got the pre-reading set and the Level 1 set.

RightStart Math

I’ve heard of RightStart Math since we started homeschooling and I’ve always been intrigued by it.  Earlier this year in one of my FB homeschooling groups someone posted this link that asks you questions to determine what math curriculum would work best for your family.  I took it and RightStart was #1.  I asked my husband to take it and RightStart was tied for #1 for him too, so I figured that it was one that we should try out.  We got Level A and Level C.

Build Your Library (BYL)

I just found about them in the Spring.  It is an all encompassing curriculum that does language arts, science, history, and art.  This curriculum follows the Charlotte Mason theory (I’ve heard of it and know a little, but not a lot).  I liked what it offered and it was super affordable because it comes as a downloadable file that I printed from home (I got it on sale too!).  As you probably noticed, we have a LA program already so my plan is to have AAR as our main resource and read the stories in this curriculum and do some of the copywork, but mostly keep it light.

Deep Space Sparkle Members Club

This is an art program that is mostly geared towards teachers in a classroom setting, but it looks like it is a great resource for homeschooling too.  I have used Patty’s lessons in the past and have really enjoyed them.  In the Member’s Club you get access to a lot of art lessons and she explains how to teach the lessons.  There is really a lot there and I’m looking forward to doing some lessons from here!


We got this book The Curious Kid’s Science Book (affiliate link) to supplement our science and do some fun kitchen science experiments.

We signed up for Mystery Science , which are all short videos that are about science.

We still have an online membership for Prodigy Math and will use that occasionally.

With the charter school they offer accounts for Reading Eggs, Khan Academy, and Moby Max and encourage us to use those to supplement what we have.

Through the charter school they also offer online and in person classes, which we will do occasionally.

Lastly, we will be taking field trips, going to museums, and learning through life!  I think that the above will keep us more than busy and I’m sure that some of the stuff will be dropped as we find that we don’t have as much time as I hoped we would have.  I’m looking forward to this school year and now I just need to start planning because we start school this coming Tuesday!



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