A Homeschool Day In The Life Of A 6 & 4 year old


Over at Simple Homeschool they have been doing a series called, “A Homeschool Day In The Life Of…”  A guest writer will describe one day in their homeschool life.  I thought that I would join in because it has been interesting to see how everyone’s days work out (they are all very different).

This was our Monday

6:45am:  Both boys are up and asking if it is okay to get out of bed.  Yes, it is but we ask them to let us sleep for a bit longer.  That doesn’t happen.  Nathan (age 6) comes and talks to me until I finally get up at 7.

7-7:30am:  I clean the litterbox, feed the dogs, then put away all of the dishes in our dish rack from last night.  The boys play with their Legos.

7:30am:  I get breakfast ready.  My husband prepared steel cut oatmeal last night in our pressure cooker set to a timer so that it would be ready in the morning.

7:30-7:40am:  Eating breakfast and coloring.

7:40-8:30am:  Boys are happily coloring at our dining room table.  I am checking email and reading blogs that I follow.

8:30-9:20am:  Nathan wants me to print out some coloring pages of some new Legos that have come out.  Lego does not have these coloring pages because they are brand new.  He wants to watch Lego videos and I tell him no.  He ends up having a tantrum and being upset with everyone.  He goes to his room to cool off.  Anderson (age 4) stays and colors and asks to listen to the audiobook of The BFG, so I put that on.  I finish looking at stuff on the internet (I need to cut this time down!) and start to write this post.

9:20-10am:  Nathan is hungry again, so I make him an egg sandwich and then go and take a shower and get ready for the day.


Practicing writing his letters


10-11:15am:  We are doing the Language Arts section from the Lavender’s Blue Curriculum.  Instead of doing the “normal” circle time that is done in Waldorf we sit at the table and recite a few poems and songs that are listed in the curriculum.  We do some active activities to get the bodies moving and then we move to the family room where we review what we learned last week (the letters S, H, X, Y, & Z).  We go over the sounds of each letter and each boy tries to come up with words that starts with those letters.  Nathan practices writing the uppercase and lowercase letters from the above.  Then we read the Nixie of the Mill Pond (a Grimm’s fairytale).  We go back into our dining room and color a tower and a needle for our main lesson book.

11:15-11:45:  Break time.  The boys go off and play with their Legos.  I get the paper and supplies ready for water coloring next and quickly check my emails.

11:45-12pm:  We do the water coloring painting for the week.

12-1pm:  Lunch and the boys listen to James and the Giant Peach on an audiobook.  After lunch it is free play and the boys go into the family room and play with their Legos while listening to the audiobook.

1-2pm: There is an online conference put on by NASH (National Alliance of Secular Homeschoolers) that I listen to for an hour.  Nathan takes photos for the stop motion animation videos he wants to create.  Anderson plays with our big cardboard brick blocks and then with Legos.

2-3pm:  We talk about our skeletal system and then do a project of cutting out paper bones and putting them together on a piece of paper to make a skeleton.  We also feel our own bodies to feel the bones.


3-3:30pm:  Take the dogs for a walk and play outside afterwards.

3:30-4pm:  Boys play outside and I browse the internet.

4-5:15pm:  Prep for dinner, make it (we were making homemade pizza), and do dishes too.

5:15-5:45pm:  Dinner.

5:45-6:30pm:  Feed the animals.  The boys play, I sweep all of our floors, and my husband starts putting together bookshelves.

6:30-8pm:  The boys and I go to the library.  I have items that are due and that need to be picked up by today or I incur charges.  The boys play on the computers there and we read some books.

8-9pm:  My husband gets the boys ready for bed and then he reads to them for bedtime (usually we start bedtime at 7:30).   I’m on the computer during this time.

9-11pm:  My husband and I watch some TV and then we go to bed and we each read for 30-45 minutes and then go to sleep.

This was our day.





  1. Boys and Legos! Just yesterday my 12-year old son was watching something Lego on his iPod. Your day has a good rhythm to it. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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